Visual Studio Live! Video Library

Preview the mix of practical and independent content available at Visual Studio Live! with session recordings on topics like Angular, ASP.NET, Async Patterns, and Node.js.

Video #1: Angular 2 101

Watch Deborah Kurata’s beginner-level session that introduces the .NET developer to Angular 2. She covers:

Estimated viewing time: 76 minutes

Video #2: Async Patterns for .NET Development

Watch Ben Dewey's session on asynchronous development using .NET. He covers:

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #3: Build Data-Driven Web Apps with ASP.NET Core

Watch Rachel Appel's session on building a complete web application using ASP.NET Core MVC. She covers:

Estimated viewing time: 66 minutes

Video #4: ASP.NET Core in All Its Glory

Watch Adam Tuliper's session on the newest ASP.NET release. He covers:

Estimated viewing time: 81 minutes

Video #5: A Practical Introduction to Node.js

Watch Rick Garibay’s session on Node.js. He introduces you to:

Estimated viewing time: 58 minutes.

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